I took this picture when we entered the border of Inner-mongolia A typical scenary of mongolian grass land The haystack near me and the mountains far away Taken on our car which was travelling at 100 mph You can see those cows eating grass, but there was now cowherd The sun was about to set this scenary only appeared for a while, then every thing under the sky became dark A mantis on a piece of green-colored wood. Picture taken in the Xilingele county. A rapid stream running across the grassland. In Chinese it is called "A Jade Ribbon" A wagon and a tent, that's all mongolian people need for their home There are thousands of wind turbines in Xilingele. Compared with the sky and the grande grssland, the wind turbins looks rather tiny The windpower is a kind of recyclable and green energy. In pursuit for better energy, people start to turn to the sky for answer. A calf Are you kissing the ground? Are you kissing the ground? This land is overgrazed and arid A camel-like clif which has been lying there for millions of years. Grey clouds coverd the sky, is it an omen? Taken on a hilltop in Fengning A horse on the top neighing Cloud and hills This kind of mouse is very common on the grass land And it's very dangerous for animals to get across the road Sunset glow in Feng'ning A horse shaped cloud in the sky During the night, some people played fireworks Flowers in front of pinewoods. Local farmers grow a lot of sunflowers along side the country road
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