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New York City Skyline, January 2020

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Ski Trip In Vermont, New Year2015-2016

Walking Around In the City

Cornell Cup USA, presented by Intel

May 2014, Orlando, FL


During the last few days of 2013, I went to California and took some great pictures there.

Other Stories

Project Robox

Robox is a robot-like digital alarm clock designed and built by a group of student including me. We spent 2 months time building this building this machine out of several hundreds of discrete circuit components. Robox has a funny design of its appearance and a complecated design of its inner circuits. To see more about Robox, click here.

QR Motion

QR Motion is an ongoing project aiming on extending the capacity of current QR code. Instead of expanding QR code into larger area, QR Motion will extend the capacity of QR code by changing its pattern over time. Click here to see more about QR Motion

Team of 3 in ICM

In Febuary 2012, I together with Ms. Xun Dai (on my left) and Ms. Chun He(on my right) participated in the MCM/ICM mathematics modelling contest. We won a Meritorious prize with a model measuring the opportunity of commercial crime in a social network. To see more about our model, click here.

Star Mysteria

In the Summer of 2012, Star Mysteria was released on Samsung App Store. This fancy Android application was developed by a group of student from Beijing. To see more about Star Mysteria, just click here.

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