About Me

A Young Man

I am a 22-year-old guy born in the year of 1991. In my spare time, I am quited interested in recording my life with my video camera and making video clips or short movies. Also, I like doing sports like badminon and table tennis (and I'm quite good at it).

A Student

During my Undergraduate study in the joint programme of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication and Queen Mary University of London, I was awarded a 1st, a 3rd and a 2nd class scholarship for my first years performance repectively.

I am quite interested in computer programming and hardware implementation. Although I don't really like pure mathematics myself (Don't tell my math teacher), I will force myself to learn some mathematics tools in order to solve problems in programming.

I've been study hard since high school. And I ranked top 800 among 100,000 students in the Chinese Entrans Examination of University (Gao Kao) which made my parents very proud of me (That's true).

A Team Leader


In June 2010, I was elected the head of the Science & Technology department of the student union of our school and led a technology team of 22 members. Toghther with all the staffs, we assisted other department in student union by providing technical support and making video advertisments for all the activities.

Now I have been "retired" from that position, But I will never forget the days and nights we worked toghther as a team.

Faculties in S&T

All the staffs in Science & Technology Department


An Engineer


I am quited interested in mathematical modelling and programming, and have spent a lot of time in doing such kind of research works. In February, 2012, I took part in ICM 2012 and won a Meritorious Prize. I am now developing an Android Application called QR- Motion.

Neal's Personal Page


Me in Bath,UK

Bath, UK,2012

Who am I?


My name is Haoxuan Wang ( In Chinese 王浩翾), I am now a consultant in Decision Analytics at EXLService in NYC. I am now living in Jersey City.

I got my master degree of Systems Engineering this summer from Cornell University. I did my undergraduate in a joint programme of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication (BUPT) and Queen Mary Univertisy of London (QMUL) major in Telecommunication Engineering with Management. I was born in Beijing, China, and grew up there.

For the last three years, I've been travelling and moving around the world. Beijing, London, Ithaca, and New York City, I unpack my luggage, settle down for a year, then move on to my next stop. I am looking forward to a life where there are lots of changes and excitements going on, so I am expecting to see more travelling and more changes taking place in my life.


Born in Beijing ,1991, I was introduced to this world in a city where great changes were taking place, and in an era when the society was undergoing an explosive evolution. My earliest memories started from my kindergarten, which used to be a mysterious garden owned by an duke who lived there some 300 years ago. Quite similar to my kindergarten, my primary school was hidden in a Hutong(a typical narrow street in Beijing) in one of the oldest community in the center of the antique capital.


In 2003, I was admitted to the Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University, one of the best high school in China. This is the place where brand new ideas and the kind of education that I have never seen before started to change my life. For the very first time, I had to travel 4 miles from an antique community to a newly developed district for school everyday. For the very first time, I joined the student union and worked as a camera man. I learnt a lot through 3 year's junior high school life. It equipped me with essential skills for making efffective team work. I started to create my own ideas and started to consider how to build my capability and core competitence in the future. Brick by brick, block by block, great changes have taken place in Beijing when amazing changes also took place in me. It is during this period of time that Beijing stard to evolved into a modern metropolis.


In the year of 2006, I entered Beijing No.8 Middle School, my senior high school. This is a school that is famous for its infrastructure and its gifted-child-education(Some one who will go to university at the age of 14). Although I am not a gifted child myself, I spent 3 years happy time together with my classmates. During Senior High school, I spent most of my spare time working as a staff of the Student Union. At first I contiuned to worked for the students' TV as a cameraman and a video editor. In the Election of Fall 2006, I was elected the vice president of the Department of Media who also lead the TV station. After working a whole year's time in Student Union, I join the campaign of the Student Union's president election in Fall 2007. Although I didn't won the election in the end, still I was elected the vice president and started my second year service for my friends.


In 2009, like other ordinary Chinese high school students, I took the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, which is also known as the "Gao Kao". It took me almost half a year to prepare for the exam (I was working on the preparation work of a ceremony call the "Entering My Adulthood Party" which is quite common and quite important among chinese schools). Finally, the exciting result was worthy of spending such a long time's preparation. I ranked top 800 in Beijing. This means I ccould go to almost any university in China if I want.


After careful considerations, I chose an experimental higher education programme, a joint program of Queen Mary University of London and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. This programme is one of the first education project of its kind in China and both of its scale and quality are developing rappidly. In this program, I chose my major of Telecommunication Engineering with Management which is an interdisciplinary study consists of knowledge from Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Management.


At college, I continued my interest in working in Student Union, and this time I chose to work for a department called the Science and Technology. This is an interesting department that takes charge of technological support for all other departments, making videos advertisment for all the activities,and holding seminars on new technology at times. So it is a TV plus a IT service team. After working in this department for a year, I was luckly elected the head, and led the department until I "retired" from the Student Union in year 3 (otherwise I wouldn't have enough time to do my research projects). In 2012 I spent a whole year in London (as a part of the joint programme) to finish my undergraduate study.

Last year I entered Cornell University (Ithaca, NY, USA) to study Systems Engineering. I took several interesting courses, had some fun in some school projects. Most important I spent a great amount of time in Cornell Cup presented by Intel where I can practive the principles and tools of systems engineering I just learnt. It was an amazing experience to live in such a lovely small town. And I learnt a lot in Cornell. After graduating from graduate school.

After that, I accept a job offer from EXL Service, which put an end to my life being a student.

Ithaca, NY, US, 2014


email:haoxuan@nealwang.net Neal Wang 2014